Stop Changing things!


One of my favourite bloggers is Optimistic Kid. I like the cut of his jib!

In a recent post called I Hate Change he expressed his dislike of the new wordpress updates.

I kind of know what he means.

Whenever we are faced with something new, we have a tendency to get frustrated and wish things had just stayed the same. I mean, we used to know how things worked – we got it. Then it all gets turned upside down, we can’t find the thing we are looking for, we feel stupid, that makes us annoyed and then we decide that we hate the new way of doing things.

It’s fairly natural.

But here’s the thing.

Change is inevitable. Change is often (very often) good. Things cannot be improved without change.

My best advice is to throw yourself into the new way of working. Be the first to master it so that you can help all those who insist on using the old version until it’s taken away for good. Choose change, don’t be forced into it.

The amount of comments he received on this post proved he was not alone about how he felt, and he even helped out a few people with navigating the new pages (which I’m guessing felt kind of good), so this is clearly a common issue.

What I find interesting is that the people who say they hate this new version will be begging to keep it in a year or two when it’s time to change again.

Let’s face it, even to the most ardent of bloggers a wordpress facelift isn’t going to have a massive impact on our lives, but sometimes change can. My advice still stands. Accept it, embrace it and maybe, given time, you’ll learn to love it!

Be happy and roll with the punches.



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