My name is Sue Griffin and I’m a Hypnotherapist based in Coventry, UK.

Photofunia Instant Camera#a-FkEHVWflIbFweqdmfrMAI moved to the Midlands when I was 18 to study Biochemistry at University. This lead to a diverse career including working as a Microbiologist, Pub Landlord, Building Society Manager and more. It took me a while to work out what I really wanted to do…then I studied Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an amazing tool to change something about yourself. During my studies I learned how to hypnotise as well as many different therapeutic techniques to help people to make the changes they want in their life.

It turned out I was pretty good at it. It was like everything I had done up until that point had prepared me. The Biochemistry taught me an analytical way of thinking. Working in the Pubs had taught me to read people and form an easy rapport with them. Working for the financial organisation taught me how to ask the right questions, and how to hear when people gave me an answer.


I have helped people with a huge range of issues including but not limited to stage fright, stopping smoking, hypnotic gastric band, public speaking, fear of the dark (also fear of being sick, fear of heights, fear of frogs, fear of fish, fear of flying etc etc), nail biting, test anxiety, accelerated learning, pain management, anxiety and the list goes on

Although I am happy to help any client achieve what they want, I specialise in Women’s issues. This goes from PMT through to menopause and beyond. I can help you to manage the stress of our crazy hormone systems as well as helping you with conception and hypnosis related birthing methods.

I also work with women who are looking to feel more confident about themselves and their bodies, whether this be helping them to eat healthily, lose or gain weight, exercise more or just feel better in the body they have.


I know its a clichΓ©, but I really am passionate about helping people to be the person they want to be. Our lives should be happy, productive and lived without fear. If I can help you to achieve this, then it helps me achieve it too.


21 responses to “Biography

  1. Hi Sue. Thanks for dropping by and liking my post on Gardening the Mind.
    I agree Hypnosis is an amazing & fantastic tool as is the Mind.


  2. Hi Sue. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found my natural approach to healing helpful. Good luck with yours! Cheers. Fred


  3. Wow, that’s quite an interesting journey you’ve had. Looking forward to following your blog.

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  4. Great read – well written! I am taking the Blogging 101 course and I thought your post was very interesting! Too bad you are so far away! (I’m in Maine USA)


    • Great to hear from you 😊 One of the cool things about blogging is the ability to connect with people from all over the world. I may be too far away for us to meet up, but follow the blog and see if there are things you like…or let me know if there’s anything you want me cover. Good luck with blogging101 – it’s a good start to your blog.

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  5. Joy

    Hi Sue – thanks so much for stopping by my blog – I’ve always been fascinated by hypnosis. Never have had it done to me though…


  6. Hi Sue, sounds like you had an interesting life so far. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post.


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Can you write on impact of colours on psyche ?


    • Hi. You are very welcome – you’ve got a great blog going there.
      Here is a short post I wrote on colour last year, but I will certainly look at doing something a little more in depth in the future πŸ™‚
      Hope you like it.


  8. Hi Sue. In the late fifties, I had the pleasure of working with the son of a shaman who explained that he would take over from his father. There treatments had been pasted down for three thousand years, I was overjoyed meeting his father. who explained the tricks of a which-doctor
    using auto-suggestion and a scratch loaded with hallucinogenic drugs strong enough to cause death. He practiced only healing but needed anti- dotes, to prove that healing is stronger than black magic. that is why I am so fascinated by your Blog. I have clicked to follow your blog Best Wishes Ray


  9. I’m so excited about reading your blog, great theme Sue!


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  11. yogadasha

    Fantastic! So inspiring to see you following your passion πŸ™‚ Hypnosis is fascinating.


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