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Do you love me? A Sunday Poem

There is a beautiful book I bought as a young adult called Master Snickup’s Cloak.

I was drawn to it because of the amazing illustrations by Brian Froud (one of the creators of the Labyrinth, which is possibly  my favourite film)

Hidden among it’s pages was a little verse that has always stayed with me…

Do you love me?

Or do you not?

You told me once,

But I forgot.

It’s simple, sweet and speaks to me about the nature of people and of love.

To you, my wonderful followers, I have said this before, but it’s worth repeating.

I love each and every one of you.

Have a great Sunday.


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Blogging rules

blogging rules

So personally I think blogging rules, but this is more about a particular rule of blogging,

If it’s not your picture – don’t use it.

In the past I have been guilty of downloading the picture I wanted to use from google or bing images without really thinking about it, but it has recently been bought to my attention that this could leave me open to being sued!

Seriously – people who write fun little no profit blogs are being sued for thousands of pounds / dollars for using images they don’t own. It doesn’t matter if you give the owner credit, disclaim copyright or don’t know you are doing something wrong – you can still be sued.

So be warned and be careful.

If you want to use images you can always subscribe to an image library like shutterstock or create your own with something like picmonkey which is free to use and which I used to create the image on this post and the new header for my blog (which I would love your feedback on).

So, don’t say I never give you anything 🙂

Happy Blogging


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Eat good food

good food

You are what you eat, so avoid cheap food,fast food and junk food – Eat good food.

Now, what you consider good food will vary from person to person.

Some people are Vegan and think food from animals is not good.

Some people are into clean foods and think that sugar and fat are not good.

Some people think that salads are for rabbits (so wrong, salads are for gorillas!) and that anything that’s green is not good.

Some people think that wheat or anything containing gluten is not good.

Some people think that cooked food is not good.

Some people think that organic is the only way and that chemically farmed or GM crops are not good.

I’m not making judgements here – what you eat is for you to decide. As long as you are maintaining a healthy weight and getting all your essential nutrients I would suggest that what you’re eating is OK for you, my point is you should eat good food.

Your version of good may or may not be the same as mine, but I think making food a part of your thought process is useful to you, and taking time to make good food is worth it.

Today I’m starting a recipe that will take 3 days to complete. It’s for Beef short ribs, or Jacobs ladder. It involves a days marination with a dry rub, 6 hours of cooking in a BBQ sauce and an overnight chill before finally heating for 3 hours before serving. I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to a) the process of cooking these and b) eating them.

I had to order this cut of meat from my butchers, then I had to make a trip to the supermarket to get all of the ingredients for the sauce. I have printed out the recipe from the internet and will now follow it step by step. It’s almost a meditative process. By taking time and enjoying the steps it makes the whole so much more than the parts. I’m hoping that it tastes amazing, but even if it doesn’t I will have gained something by being thoughtful about what I’m eating.

I also love eating at restaurants that spend time preparing food. I was luck enough to eat at The Fat Duck a little while ago, and it was genuinely amazing. One of the courses took five days to prepare. We have a reservation at Le Gavroche for next year – I’m pretty sure I’ll be blogging about it soon 🙂

Have you ever noticed that a lot of our really happy events are based around food – not fast food, but food that takes time to put together. Today is Thanksgiving and the traditions of food linked with this celebration are widespread. The same goes for Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Diwali and many other religious festivals from all denominations. The same goes for weddings and birthdays – anything that involves celebrations.

So today, think about what you are eating, make choices about your food for the coming days weeks and months and what ever you do …

eat good food. 

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Tim Minchin: If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)

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24 Hours in a day


There are 24 hours in each and every day. Sometimes we could do with more, sometimes less.

I often hear people saying – Oh, I’d love to do ………….. but I just don’t have the time.

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it.

If you really want something to happen, you make it happen – you prioritise it and you give it the energy it needs.

If you don’t want to do something, you make excuses. You may even believe them, but try to be honest with yourself and admit that they are just excuses – not real justifications.

Sometimes you do want something to happen, but you don’t want to make the effort to make it happen.

This is when your desire to stay the same is more than the desire to change.

If you want to lose weight you have to change your eating and exercise patterns.

If you want to get fit, you need to change what you do in your free time.

If you want to have better friendships you need to spend more time and energy being with your friends.

If you want to be a better cook you have to practice cooking food.

New year is only just over a month away. Did you make any new years resolutions this year? How have they gone?

There is still time to make them happen, or at least get started on them, so what are you waiting for?

Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance and it has 24 hours for you to make it happen.

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A bit of DIY


We’re having some friends over for dinner in a week and a half and it motivates me to to all of those little jobs that otherwise may get left – touching up the paintwork, changing the pictures, sticking down a loose carpet edge.

I want to present my home at it’s best.

I’ll be doing a bit of personal DIY as well, touching up the roots, doing the nails, putting on some fake tan.

I want to present me at my best too.

This got me to thinking – when do we do a bit of mental DIY? What are the triggers that make us work on out inner selves.

Normally it’s times of crisis, when things are difficult to deal with, but why wait that long?

If you work on little things every week you find that you are so much more ready to face problems or issues if and when they arise.

So, this week, check the corners for cobwebs, see if things could do with a little maintenance and get to work.

As with all projects, some are too big to be tackled yourself, or maybe you just don’t have the skills or knowledge to handle them. If this is the case there are always people out there who make it their job to help and support you. It’s no less sensible to call in a professional like a hypnotherapist if you need emotional support or help to change than it is to call in a builder if you need to do major work on your house.

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A mundane poem for a mundane day

  • murray lochlan young

    Mundane Poem #1 by Murray Lachlan Young

    This poem is not very interesting

    It has, pauses

    Where there, should be none

    It is not deep and meaningful in any, respect

    It is not very, clever and not that much, fun

    This poem is purposefully, dreary,

    Its desire is to be everyday, commonplace and dull.

    And just incase it isn’t, monotonous, enough

    This poem will now, wander into a lull

    Of: boring, and unexciting ordinariness

    And it will stay there for a while

    While we all sit with the humdrum reality

    Of its unexcitingness

    Realising that it has lost focus

    Its rhyme scheme it no longer functioning

    This is not an attempt to be clever

    It’s not even an attempt to prove that

    Life can’t be interesting all the time

    It is not attempting to say anything about anything


    Why would it want to do that?

    For this poem is completely mundane

    And that’s it.

    Its finished, now.

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Do not click on this picture – a social experiment



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World Hello Day 21 Nov 2014


Today is world Hello Day.

If you want to participate in World Hello Day is quite simple: all you have to do is say hello to at least 10 people during that one day.

This is supposed to send a message of openness and goodwill to others, and the creators of the holiday hoped this small gesture alone would demonstrate how communication can be instrumental in resolving disputes and preventing conflicts.

If you would like to take this a step further, you could always think about a person in your life that is important to you, but that you have fallen out with over something that is perhaps not quite worth it. Time tends to be a great healer, so if enough time has passed from your conflict for you to be able to analyze the situation and all of its aspects, seeing your own faults and wrongdoings as well as those of the other party, maybe it’s time to put the conflict behind you? Many people do not know how good it actually feels to admit you were in the wrong and say sorry—instead, they see such behavior as a display of weakness, when it is actually a display of strength and confidence. People also often make the mistake of thinking that the other person will lose respect for you if you apologize to them, and this too is incorrect. Most people will respect you more for being able to admit you were in the wrong, than if you decide to stubbornly hold onto your convictions after being proven incorrect. It may seen a bit daunting at first, but if the person you’ve fought with is important enough to you, it will always be worth the struggle to make the first move and extend your hand to them in a gesture of peace.

The History of World Hello Day

World Hello Day was first created in 1973 in order to show people that conflicts can and should be resolved through communication, and not violence. The idea is that clear, honest communication breeds peace. In the 1970s, the conflict between Egypt and Israel was quite severe, and many people began to fear yet another huge war would end up coming of it. World Hello Day was in fact created as a direct response to the Yom Kippur War that had just finished in October of 1973, during which thousands of both soldiers and innocent civilians were killed. Some soldiers had also been tortured and flat out executed. The peace discussion at the end of the war was the first time that Arab and Israeli officials met for direct public discussion in 25 years. The concept of World Hello Day was created by Brian McCormack, a Ph.D. Graduate of Arizona State University, and Michael McCormack, a graduate of Harvard. Over the last 42 years since its creation, World Hello Day has been celebrated in 180 countries, as citizens of each of these countries take advantage of this time to express their concerns for world peace. Thirty-one winners of the Nobel Peace Prize have stated that World Hello Day carries substantial value as an instrument for preserving peace, and as an occasion that makes it possible for anyone in the world, individual, organization or government, to contribute to the process of creating peace.

So, Hello,

How are you doing today?


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Let it go


Sorry if I’ve just put Frozen in your head, but this is one of the most important lessons everyone needs to learn.

Forgive, forget and move on….

I see clients for stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, anger issues, and much much more – a lot of their first breakthroughs happen when they start to let go.

Don’t let things fester, don’t let it create an issue,

Let it go.

What ever it was, brush yourself off and start again.

I know it’s hard sometimes, and that what professionals are there to help with.


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