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VE Day

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of VE Day or Victory in Europe Day, the day when the second world war was officially over in Europe.

There are lots of celebrations happening including over 200 beacons being lit, concerts and memorial services. Events are happening both locally, nationally and internationally.

It must have been an amazing day, 70 years ago, when the end of the war was declared. So many millions of people had died and suffered during this war. So many people had lost everything – families, homes, countries.

As much as the celebration of the end of the war was great, it was great because what had come before it was so terrible.

It made me think that I hope I never live through anything that is still commemorated generations into the future.

There is an old Chinese saying – ‘may you live in interesting times’. on first appearances this could seem like a nice blessing to someone, but it is actually meant as a negative thing. Interesting times are at best stressful and at worst lethal.

So my wish for you – today – is that you live in boring times, complacent times, times of prosperity and good will.

p.s. if you want to read an amzing, funny book which has most certainly informed my opinion on this subject, read interesting times by Terry Pratchett (but read the colour of magic first)



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