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Mighty March

sue griffin coventry hypnotherapist

I love March.

I probably have more reason than most, as it’s my Birthday month, but I think I would love it anyway.

March means the start of spring.

March means things are starting to grow again.

March means it’s getting warmer

March means moving forward with purpose.

The winter hibernation is nearly over, the sun’s getting stronger and so am I.

We often break the year down to seasons. March is the start of spring, a time of growth, renewal and fresh starts.

What will you grow?

What do you need to renew?

What aspect of your life needs a fresh start?

Be like the plants – start budding your ideas now so that they can grow and bear fruit later this year…

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What’s in your closet?


Everyday you choose which clothes you will put on.

You make a decision based on your mood – maybe your in a bright mood, maybe in a sombre mood.

You make a decision based on the season – is it spring, summer, autumn or winter?

You make a decision based on what you will be doing that day – are you going to work, or going to play?

You make a decision based on what’s in fashion – what colour or cut?

You make a decision based on the weather – is it wet or dry?

You make a decision based on who you will be meeting – what will they think of your clothes?

You make a decision based on what you want to say about yourself – do you want others to think of you as flirty or not? Fun? Professional? Artistic? Corporate? Individual? Part of a group?….

Lots of decisions go to make up what clothes we will put on the outside.

So how much deliberate thought goes into what we will ‘wear’ on the inside?

What if we had a mental closet that we could take things out of?

What mood and thoughts do you want to take out into the world with you?

What will it say about you?

Does it fit the occasion?

Is it right for those around you?

When we put as much thought onto the inside as we do the outside we have more productive and positive times.

So, what will you get out of your closets to best prepare you tomorrow?

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