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It’s Sunday

It’s time to kick off your shoes and relax

Relaxing is not just nice – it’s important.

Stress is bad for your health.



Take some time today to switch off all your electronics, move away from any screens – TV, LapTop, Tablet and phone – yes all of them – and relax.

Be in the moment.

Listen to the sounds that you can hear.

Really listen to them.

What do they make you think of?

Smell what you can smell.

Feel what you can feel.

Notice your thoughts – see where they take you.

Go for a walk and find a flower.

Go into your garden and find something new.

Enjoy a shower or luxuriate in a bubble bath.

Put on some clean, comfy clothes and just relax.

if you start worrying about stuff you need to do – decide when you’re going to do it and relax until then.

Monday comes around before you know it,

until then,


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Self Hypnosis – Magnetic palms

Sue Griffin Hypnotist

People tend to fall into different categories when it comes to how they interpret the world. broadly speaking you are either Visual (you would say things like ‘What would your ideal day look like’) Audio (you would say things like ‘Tell me about your ideal day’) or Kinaesthetic (you would say things like ‘How would your ideal day feel‘)

This technique is more geared towards the kinaesthetic types amongst you, but can be used by the other groups too.

Firstly, position the hands 10-20 centimetres apart in front of you with the palms facing each other. Have your arms straight out in front of you but relaxed and at ease. Fix your eyes on the space in between them.

Now bring your hands in towards you and rub the hands together – really rub them together fast and generate some heat in the palms, then the heat in the hands. When you can feel the energy they have generated put them,back into the starting position in front of you.

This is when you need to engage your thoughts and imagination – the engine for self hypnosis.

Imagine that there is a magnetic force pulling your hands together. You might want to imagine there are magnets placed on the palms of each of your hands and that you can feel the pull of them towards each other. Imagine that you can feel it happening, as if it is a distinct sensation all of its own that is drawing the hands in. You might also say to yourself the words “my hands draw closer together with each breath I breathe” to really engage your brain.

If prefer something more visual, you might like to imagine the ‘magnetic force’ as a light, a wave or a colour that aids the process of drawing the hands in together. Maybe you imagine that string is tied around the hands and is being pulled tighter as the hands draw closer. You could imagine elastic between them that keeps pulling them closer… Basically, anything that you can imagine that would force the hands closer together, make it as vivid and clear as you can and let the process happen.

Don’t deliberately move your hands together – let your subconscious control that process. It might happen quite quickly, or it may take a while to get going, but you tend to find that the closer your hands get, the faster they draw together. Stay relaxed and enjoy the process. You may find the movement is steady and smooth, or you may find that the movements are jerky and a bit twitchy. Notice the sensations that you feel in your fingers, hands and arms.

The moment that your hands come together you can relax your hands and arms and let them drop. Notice that the moment that you do this you can feel all the muscles in your body relax and you can drift downwards into a really comfortable and relaxed feeling.

This is the time that you can use a deepener to go even further into trance and then carry out any change work that you want to do ( you can read about this in other posts ) or you can just enjoy the sensation and say a few positive affirmations – the choice is yours.

I hope you give this a try, and if it doesn’t feel like the right approach for you try one of the other self hypnosis techniques I’ve posted.

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