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Sometimes you just need to get started

Morning my shiny happy people – how are you today?

It’s a beautiful sunny Monday morning here in Coventry, a bit on the nippy side, but lovely none the less.

I have to admit to something.

I’ve been procrastinating over a couple of things.

The first one was a paper work thing. I was a bit unsure about what I needed to do, so I found every excuse I could to avoid doing it. I found ‘busy’ work to do so that I could argue that I had been doing other things, I became very easily distracted by anything and everything that would take me away from it and I generally avoided having to get on with it. That has changed today and it makes me feel really good.

It feels great when you get something you have been putting off out of the way and you don’t have to think about it any more. If I do think about it, I think – well done me – I did that, rather than thinking that I should be doing it and feeling guilty and a bit rubbish about myself.

I bet you have one or two things that you are deliberately or subconsciously putting off…so what could be your trigger to getting them done?

Oddly, for me, it was getting on with something else that I had also been putting off.

My partner and I enjoy a good meal – maybe a little more than we should. Over the last few years the pounds have started to creep on and despite talking a lot about losing weight and using phases like ‘we could try this diet’ or ‘we should really do more exercise’ we hadn’t really committed to changing our habits at all – that is until this weekend. We stuck to a high protein, low carb meal plan and were quite impressed with the results – we both lost 4 pounds each. 4 pounds in 2 days is a hell of a kick start to a diet, and it made us both feel really good about sticking to it and achieving real results. This ‘win’ reminded me how good it feels to achieve something I’d been putting off and spurred me on to do my paperwork.

I was once told that the secret to getting things done is getting things started.

What are you going to start today?


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Top 10 reasons why I procrastinate


Stop scrolling through….

…..go and do something…

yes, you…..





Seriously – off you go!

Why are you still reading this?



I’m sure you have something you should be doing….


Go and do it!



What exactly are you waiting for?


Have a great Monday



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Procrastinate Now – Panic Later

how not to procrastinate

Are you a procrastinator?


Have you convinced yourself it’s because you work better under pressure?

Or, do you secretly hope that if you ignore it for long enough it will go away?

Or, maybe you just can’t find the motivation to do it until you absolutely have to….

Some people find that having a to do list helps them achieve things through out the day. They get an enormous sense of satisfaction when the tick each item off their list. For those people may I suggest that you start each list with

1. Write a to do list

2. Tick off the first item.

That way you’ll give yourself 2 ticks and be thrilled and motivated before you even get going.

Other people hate these lists – they feel like a burden – and it’s just so annoying when you get to the end of the day and there are still things left on the list. For those people may I suggest keeping your to do list down to only 3 things. If there are other things that you would like to do, out them on your ‘I would like to do list’.

Some people find the whole ‘to do’ thing too frustrating.

For those people, why not try a ‘Done List’ Instead of writing down things that you need to do, write down the things that you have done. Instead of having a list of things that you need to do, you have a list of achievements that you can feel proud of.

When it comes to motivation, one size does not fit all, so find out what works for you.

Reward yourself for the things you accomplish.

Celebrate your success.

Get on with it.


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