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Top 10 reasons why I procrastinate


Stop scrolling through….

…..go and do something…

yes, you…..





Seriously – off you go!

Why are you still reading this?



I’m sure you have something you should be doing….


Go and do it!



What exactly are you waiting for?


Have a great Monday



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Blogging rules

blogging rules

So personally I think blogging rules, but this is more about a particular rule of blogging,

If it’s not your picture – don’t use it.

In the past I have been guilty of downloading the picture I wanted to use from google or bing images without really thinking about it, but it has recently been bought to my attention that this could leave me open to being sued!

Seriously – people who write fun little no profit blogs are being sued for thousands of pounds / dollars for using images they don’t own. It doesn’t matter if you give the owner credit, disclaim copyright or don’t know you are doing something wrong – you can still be sued.

So be warned and be careful.

If you want to use images you can always subscribe to an image library like shutterstock or create your own with something like picmonkey which is free to use and which I used to create the image on this post and the new header for my blog (which I would love your feedback on).

So, don’t say I never give you anything 🙂

Happy Blogging


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