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My Happy Jar

Sometimes it’s easy to look back on things and forget all the little things that make us happy.

I heard a nice story once about a woman who had a jar. Every time she thought of something that made her happy, she would jot it down on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. Whenever she felt down, or fed up, she would go to her jar and find all the things that made her happy. Some things were big things, events that happened that she could look back on and smile, but most were little things that she could cherish and maybe even recreate to make her feel better.

So here are a few things from my Happy Jar this month

Orange Ice pops on a hot day

Comfy shoes that you can walk in for miles and miles

Crisp clean sheets

Ripe Strawberries

A waft of scent from the flowers in someone’s garden

A dogs trust

The complete openness of children

How it feels to write with a good pen

Getting the next book in a series you’ve been reading for a long time and feeling as though you’re catching up with a good friend

I know none of these things are amazing, there is nothing earth shattering about them, but all of them have made me smile and brought a least a little joy to my soul.

What would you put in your happy jar today?


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