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Never too old

You are never too old to do something you want to do.

If you think you are, then that’s exactly the right time to do it anyway.

Recently a 95 year old smashed the record for the 200m sprint.

Ok it wasn’t the fastest time ever recorded for anyone, but it was the fastest time for a person of 95.

What I loved about this story wasn’t that a 95 year old was the fastest 95 year old, but that a 95 year old wanted to run the 200m in the first place.

Charles Eugster – dubbed the world’s fittest old aged pensioner – eclipsed the previous world’s best for over-95s by 2.4 seconds as he romped around an indoor track in 55.48 seconds.

It’s a truly remarkable feat from the retired dentist, who also boasts the British Masters outdoor records over 100m and 200m.

And to make his exploits even more impressive, it was revealed that he only took up exercise a decade ago, at the ripe age of 85.

Apparently he said that he was becoming a bit of a couch potato, so he decided to take up some exercise!

How amazing is that.

Think about how much fun it was to do things as a kid.

I loved doing handstands, rolling down hills, jumping in puddles, finger painting, eating raw cake mixture, going on the round about or the swings, climbing trees, skipping and doing a hundred and one other things that I don’t do now because I’m too old for that sort of thing.

Well, I’ve decided I’m not.

So if you want to wear a bubble bath beard or chase butterflies in the fields – you can come and join me 🙂


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A good day for an adventure

adventure coventry hypnotherapy

That’s my dog.

Her name is Flump.

She’s an old girl now and she takes pain killers for her joints and walks slower than a slow thing.


Today we travelled a little further afield.

I am very proud of my partner who is raising money for Mental Health by completing the 3 peaks challenge – that is climbing the 3 largest peaks in Scotland, England and Ireland in 24 hours.

To support him on his training, Flump and I accompanied him on a walk to Burton Dasset – more hills than mountains, but still a good bit of exercise. I admit to being concerned about taking Flump as she struggles with long walks and steep slopes, but we decided to see how she went.


she put me to shame.

She bounded up slopes, straining at the lead.

She stood on the top with the wind blowing through her hair,

then bounded back down them again, looking for the next place to go.

She walked, ran and climbed for an hour before we took her back to the car where she slept the sleep of a very contented pooch.

All the time I had been blaming her weariness on her age, but I think she was just bored.

She went on an adventure and she was like a puppy again.

Whatever your age,

whatever your condition,

go on an adventure,

and find your inner puppy.


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