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The rightness in the wrong – Gin soaked boy by Divine Comedy


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Exercise your brain – Left and Right

Most people have a dominant side to their brain, one that they tend to use more.

If you are left handed then that tends to be the right hand side of your brain. The part that controls imagination, visuals, intuition and creativity. That’s why you tend to see a lot of actors using their left hand to write with.

If you are right handed then you would tend to be left brained. The left hemisphere is in charge of logic and planning. It is dominant with logic, facts, science, language and maths. You don’t tend to find too many left handed accountants.

Nearly all of us use both sides of our brains. Unless you have a brain injury or an operation like a hemiectomy then they work in conjunction with each other. This leads to our ability to see the world and interact with it. To make the most of this wonderful part of us, it is important to keep it healthy and to develop both sides as much as we can. Our tendency to be left or right brained can lead to us neglecting the activities that develop out less dominant half, but in reality they should be the ones we are focussing on.

If you are left brained try some of these activities to develop your right brain.

1 Astute observation plays a key role in developing a photographic memory. Take five minutes to really observe your surroundings. Remember the details with your eyes closed. Doing this regularly will strengthen your powers of observation.

2 Word association, doodling and memory games help unlock your right brain’s creativity. If you have shied away from sketching or painting, now is the time to take up that sketch-pen or brush.

3 Take up an art of your interest; music, painting, dance, theatre or writing, as they are all right-brain activities. Playing an instrument is a guaranteed right brain booster. While humming to your favourite tunes, make up random lyrics that rhyme (or don’t rhyme if you prefer!).

4 Try Origami to develop your motor skills. Folding paper into fascinating shapes will push you to be more innovative with each attempt. All kinds of crafting and scrapbooking is good.

5 Thinking up a strategy, visualising it and then immediately implementing it is the right brain’s delight. So when you play sports such as tennis,table tennis or badminton, the right brain is at its peak.

If you are right brained try some of these activities to develop your left brain.

1 From crafting the right sentence structure to perfecting spelling and grammar, the process of writing and the planning that goes behind it is one of the best ways to enhance your analytical side and stay sharp. This means blogging is good for you!  Even social networking may not be such a ‘waste of time’ after all. Tweeting compels you to spruce up your communication as your thoughts are limited to only 140 characters.

2 Logic-fuelled activities such as crosswords, anagrams, Sudoku, tough maths problems or a game of chess are great for stimulating the left brain. Try and crack reasoning and aptitude tests to boost your grey cells.

3 Being systematic has more advantages than improving productivity. Making to-do lists, organising data, chalking plans for the day or maintaining a diary aid in improving your left brain.

4 Learn a new skill, activity or language. Doing so optimises left brain functions as it is good at being focused and works well with conditioning exercises.

5 READ that book or Blog, don’t skim. Reading engages your mind, while skimming content and running your eyes through a page only weakens the left brain in the long run.

What ever you do this weekend, enjoy it.



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