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Blogging rules

blogging rules

So personally I think blogging rules, but this is more about a particular rule of blogging,

If it’s not your picture – don’t use it.

In the past I have been guilty of downloading the picture I wanted to use from google or bing images without really thinking about it, but it has recently been bought to my attention that this could leave me open to being sued!

Seriously – people who write fun little no profit blogs are being sued for thousands of pounds / dollars for using images they don’t own. It doesn’t matter if you give the owner credit, disclaim copyright or don’t know you are doing something wrong – you can still be sued.

So be warned and be careful.

If you want to use images you can always subscribe to an image library like shutterstock or create your own with something like picmonkey which is free to use and which I used to create the image on this post and the new header for my blog (which I would love your feedback on).

So, don’t say I never give you anything 🙂

Happy Blogging


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Can you see what you think?


Do you see pictures in your mind?

As a hypnotist, I often ask people to visualise things in their minds eye, but some people have real problems doing this.

Part of this comes down to how we perceive the world.

There are 3 basic categories

Visual – People who connect with the world via images

Audio – People who connect with the world via sound

Kinaesthetic – People who connect with the world via feelings

Understandably, visual types are often the best at ‘seeing’ things in their mind, but anyone can do it.

The trick is to start small.

If you can describe your front door, then the image is in there somewhere.

What colour is your door? Where is the handle and what is it made of? Is there a letter box? Where is it placed? Which way does it open? What do you see when you open your door?

Another thing you might want to ‘see’ is your morning routine – what do you do? What do you see as you do it? What does your bathroom look like?

If you can answer these questions the images are there – you just need to relax and let yourself access them.

When you have a few minutes to relax, just close your eyes and let an image or a colour appear – you can try to manipulate it or you can just let the images flow and see where they take you. The better you get at this, the more you can notice the random images and see what they tell you about what you are thinking.

It’s a bit like dream interpretation – the meanings can be a bit obscure, but they are there.

Which reminds me – if you dream, (which you do, even if you can’t remember them) then you can create images – because that’s how you dream. You see pictures almost as though you are in your own personal movie.

Have fun exploring your subconscious.

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