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Nightmare or adventure – it’s all about attitude!

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For those of you that have not met my dog yet – this is Flump.

The thing she loves doing most in the world is getting in the Big Blue Car and going on an adventure.

She doesn’t care where that adventure takes her, as long as there are new things to sniff and preferably some trees and grass to explore.

She doesn’t care what the weather is like – literally – rain, sleet and snow are no obstacles to her. Gale force winds just make her fur fly around in interesting patterns, and freezing temperatures mean that she can run around more before she gets hot. Admittedly blazing sunshine can be a bit of an issue, but if there’s one thing my dog can always do, it’s find water. Puddles, lakes, streams, canals and dirty ditches are all fair game in Flump’s book. She can’t always find her own way out of them, but I swear you could send her into the Sahara Desert and she’d come back dripping.

Today was no exception.

She looked as though she was going to burst with excitement as we were getting ready to go out in the Big Blue Car. She get’s walked every single day – without fail – but the Big Blue Car is normally reserved for weekends. Today was a Bank Holiday though, so bonus Big Blue Car time was available.

She literally bounces up and down with excitement over the prospect of a trip in the Big Blue Car.

That’s no mean feat when you weigh 60 Kg and are in your dotage, but it does’t stop her.

Sometimes it makes her hurt her paw, but still, up and down she bounces.

So, today, with much excitement and flying of fur, we went of to explore somewhere new.

We got lost, we got stuck in holiday traffic jams, we got a flat tire and had to change in on a lay-by on the motorway.

Do you think Flump cared?

Not one jot.

She got to sniff new sniffs and have an adventure.

I love her attitude.

And she loves the Big Blue Car.

Have a great week – find adventures where you can x

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Smell to get ahead


Smells and emotions are closely linked and we can use this to help us to feel the way we would like to feel, and to achieve the things we want to achieve….here’s how

Can you think of a smell you associate with being on holiday?

For me it’s the smell of baking cookies from Main Street in Disney and it makes me feel excited.

Can you think of a smell you associate with being at school?

For me it’s chalk and it makes me feel focussed.

Can you think of a smell you associate with being at the dentist?

For me it’s antiseptic and it makes me feel anxious.

Can you think of a smell you associate with being with your Grandmother?

For me it’s fruit cake and it makes me feel safe.

So. think of a situation that made you feel the way that you want to feel, and then think of the smells that you associate with it. Then surround yourself with that fragrance. It really is that simple.

You can also create scent associations that are useful to get you into the right head space.

Whenever I see clients I always use the same perfume. It creates the right associations for me and I have also had feedback from some clients that they start to feel more relaxed whenever they come across that scent.

When ever I blog, I spray the room with a scent called Karma from LUSH – it helps me to feel creative and focussed into writing.

When I meditate, I always light a vanilla candle, and now the smell of vanilla always helps to calm me.

You can use this trick for all sorts of things, from revising for an exam to sitting a driving test. Just make sure that you use the scent every time you are practising or revising and then use it in the exam to help bring back all the facts and focus.


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Happy Halloween


Just a quick one today to wish you all a happy Halloween.

I’m off to finish off my outfit, put up some more decorations and attempt not to eat all the treats!



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