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Self Care Advent Calendar Day 7

One week in and where are we? Well hopefully you’re up, clean and dressed, well fed, you’ve been outside, you’ve cleaned up, made a plan and even started decorating…and maybe feeling pretty good about it?

So how are we ending out first week of Self Care?

How about tapping into your creativity.

Now, creativity is a double edged sword. On one hand it can create beautiful, imaginative, original things. On the other hand, it can create catastrophic thoughts and stories of doom and gloom.

Overthinking is a form of creativity – but it’s not one that I think you should be focusing on, so let’s harness that creative spark in other ways. Some are blessed with talent. Some are naturally creative. Some are not. It doesn’t matter – you can still flex that creativity muscle and get some benefit from it.

Do you write Music or Play an instrument? – Write a song

Do you Paint? – Paint a portrait or landscape that you love

Do you Bake? – Make a cake to give to a homeless shelter/ neighbour / friend (or just eat it yourself)

Do you Cook? – Create a 3 course menu for a special occasion and try it out

Do you Knit? – Knit some bobble hats for a charity shop

Do you Sew? – Make an outfit or if you sew like I do, a napkin.

Do you Write? – blog, write a short story, send a card

Do you Vlog? – Do a vlog to help someone

Do you Draw? – Create some illustrations

Do you Sing? – Record a new version of your favourite song

Can’t do any of those things? That’s OK there’s still plenty you can do. Put together a new outfit, decorate a room, put together a mood board, do some papier-mâché, colour in a picture, decoupage, finger paints, modelling clay…..whatever you fancy. Just play and make something. It doesn’t have to be good. You don’t have to show anyone. Just be creative in a good way rather than a negative one.

As I said, over-thinking, catastrophizing and worrying are just ways of using your creativity and your imagination in an unhelpful way. When you catch yourself doing it, try to redirect your creative impulse into something better. If you feel like you really need to spend some time worrying, try to designate a set period of time in which to to do all of your worrying. Think you can get it all out of the way in 10 minutes? Give yourself 15 – but not a minute more. It can take a little practice for the continual worriers out there, but keep practising – you’ll get on top of it.

As a Hypnotherapist I see a lot of people with anxiety and depression.  Anxiety is often caused by a misdirected creative impulse that people can’t curb. If you find yourself in a situation like that, please get help as soon as possible. Not only is it unnecessary for you to suffer with this, it’s important to get help sooner rather than later. Although it is Never too late to change, it’s easier when it hasn’t become normal behaviour.





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I am a big fan of affirmations. It’s like a really simple form of Self Hypnosis.

I often repost an affirmation that has inspired me like this one, but I have a big problem when I hear people use, what I like to call, naffirmations.

A naffirmation is like a dead man’s goal. That is a goal that you could achieve if you were dead. Things like ‘Today I won’t feel stressed’ or ‘I will not let things get to me’. If you were no longer alive then you would definitely not feel stressed or let anything get to you!

The problem with a naffirmation is that the brain isn’t very good at picking up on the word ‘won’t’ or ‘not’. Instead, it focuses on the words that describe the thing you are trying to avoid. In the above examples the brain is focussed on being stressed and letting things get to it – clearly not ideal.

Each morning it is a good idea to think about how you want to feel or what you want to achieve that day, and say it aloud to yourself. I know it can feel pretty weird at first, but it’s just a way of getting your brain into gear. The left and right sides of your brain don’t always connect brilliantly about idea’s, but by speaking it out loud you are connecting the creative, imaginative right side of your brain with the language and logical left hand side. So now both halves of your brain are working on the same thing. If you really want to get it fired up, write down your goal and draw a picture that represents it for you – now you’re really firing on all cylinders!

Whatever you are looking to achieve – go for it. Even a small step forward will get you there faster than no steps at all.

Have a great day


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