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My WordPress Birthday

I had a message from WordPress today to let me know it was my 2 year anniversary.

How time flies.

There have been times over the 2 years when I have blogged daily, there have been other times when I was lucky if I managed to write something once a month.

I started slow.

I don’t really know what I expected.

As I have said in previous posts, I had two main reasons to blog. The first was to share ideas that might help people. I come across all sorts of issues in my hypnotherapy practice and some of them are relatively easy to resolve. It just takes a change of perspective and a little practice. I’ve tried to share these things and I’ve had some lovely feedback from people who have given it a go.

Which brings me on to my second reason for blogging – to showcase an promote my business. This has had a really positive effect for me. Not only have I helped to increase the visibility of my website on Google and Bing, but I have also had a resource to send clients to when they are looking to find out a little bit more about me and what I do. I have also had clients who have found me from my blog, which was a little unexpected, but an absolute thrill for me.

Another unexpected bonus was that I have had a few more likes on my Facebook and Twitter pages – again, helping to improve my visibility to clients.

As with all things, people have to know you’re there before they can get to know you, so when I’m going through one of my more prolific stages I try to like and comment on other peoples blogs to advertise my presence. This has been one of the most rewarding things of all. Getting to know some of you, reading your wonderful thoughts and experiences and seeing your struggles has helped me enormously. If you want a better understanding of what people with depression or anxiety go through – read their work. If you want ideas on how to help and support them – understand them. If you want to see things from a different perspective – look for different perspectives. The people who write and share on here are heroes who have a wealth of knowledge and experience for you to see. Go and find them – it’s truly brilliant.

So I guess what I want to say on my two year anniversary is Thank You.

Thank You for clicking on my links.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Thank you for all the support and feedback you have given me.

Thank you for helping me with technical issues that confused and bothered me.

Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with me.

Thank you for helping me to understand.

Thank you for everything.

Hopefully we’ll all still be here in another couple of years – tapping away on our keyboards and sharing our thoughts with the world – but until we get to celebrate that milestone – Thank You.


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The importance of little things

Big stuff is great.

I love big stuff.

Life changing events, once in a life time trips, new chapters, crossroads in your life – all that sort of thing.

They’re mind blowing and you know about them.

But, the little stuff is the everyday things that get you through.

If you think about the big stuff as the house. It’s big and impressive and everyone can see it.

The little stuff is maybe the plumbing and the electricity. You don’t HAVE to have it, but it makes life more comfortable, more enjoyable, more liveable.

I think I may have mentioned (once or twice) it was my birthday last week.

I had a lovely time.

I visited a friend today and she gave me a card that I loved. Firstly I loved it because it’s always nice to get a card, secondly I loved it because she has great taste, but mostly I loved it because her little boy had drawn a picture for me on the inside cover.

Little things are awesome.

Notice the little things, because one day you might find that they were the big things.

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Happy Birthday to me!

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Guess what.

Today is my Birthday.

I’m not going to write about how spoiled I feel today, or about how great it is to have friends sending good wishes.

I’m not going to write about how I intend to indulge myself today.

I’m not even going to write about gifts and cake and cards.

In fact I’m not going to write about very much at all.

I just want to say Thank You to those I love for being in my life, and to say how grateful I feel to have had so many amazing experiences, so many beautiful moments and so many things to be thankful for.

Here’s to many more!



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Mighty March

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I love March.

I probably have more reason than most, as it’s my Birthday month, but I think I would love it anyway.

March means the start of spring.

March means things are starting to grow again.

March means it’s getting warmer

March means moving forward with purpose.

The winter hibernation is nearly over, the sun’s getting stronger and so am I.

We often break the year down to seasons. March is the start of spring, a time of growth, renewal and fresh starts.

What will you grow?

What do you need to renew?

What aspect of your life needs a fresh start?

Be like the plants – start budding your ideas now so that they can grow and bear fruit later this year…

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