How to motivate yourself

We’ve all been there, right?

There’s something you really NEED to do, but you just can’t seem to find the motivation to do it.

You procrastinate.

You become busy with other, often much less important, things.

You justify why you don’t really need to do it now.

You find any excuse.

But there have been times when you were motivated. So what did that feel like for you? Can you think of a metaphor to describe it?

For me it’s a bit like being a fish on a hook. When I’m hooked by something I feel compelled to do it. I’m drawn to it like a fish being drawn on a line – it’s inescapable. Everything I do ends up bringing me closer to the thing that has hooked me.

When I lose motivation it’s like the hook has come loose – I may still swim in that direction, or I may not. I’m free to get distracted by other things and go in different directions. I may find myself getting tired and just drifting along with no focus at all.

So what’s it like for you?

If you can think of a metaphor or simile that you can connect to, then you can start to access those feelings when you want to kick start your motivation.

But you can also take it to the next step – get creative with your metaphor.

What else do you think of?

Is there anything particular about it?

What else does it make you think of?

How can you supercharge it?

What things could you do that would help you?

What things might get in your way? what could you do about them?

By getting creative with your metaphor you can often surprise yourself by finding real world solutions to your problems.

The theory goes along the lines that our metaphors are actually routes into our subconscious. It is our subconscious patterns that lead to how we think and feel about everything, from being motivated to falling in love, from fears and phobias to things that make us happy – it’s all programmed in there. The problem that we often have is that our conscious and our subconscious often have trouble communication with each other.

Take a phobia for instance. Before I got some help with it I had a phobia of Butterflies. Yes I know – butterflies are not scary – they can’t hurt you in ANY way. But in some ways they are a perfect example of a phobia – a phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear – it doesn’t have to make sense. You see, that’s the thing. My conscious mind KNEW that butterflies were harmless, but my subconscious wasn’t listening. As soon as I saw one I was terrified. Not scared – Terrified – yes with a capital T. Nothing I could logically, consciously think could change that. My subconscious thought they were going to kill me and that was that. See what I mean about your conscious and subconscious not communicating?

Part of the reason for this that they speak in different ways. Your conscious mind is all language and logic whilst your subconscious is all pictures and feelings. That’s what Hypnotherapists like myself use to help you change. We hypnotise you to access your subconscious and then talk to it in it’s own language. Quite often this is the language of metaphor.

So if you want to understand yourself a little better, try listening to your subconscious. Think in terms of metaphors then explore them to see what you uncover and manipulate them to get the results you are looking for.

Now, stop reading random stuff on the internet and get on with whatever you should be doing πŸ™‚


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7 responses to “How to motivate yourself

  1. Access to subconsciousness is not an easy job. Especially in day to day life where we all are busy earning coins and bread for ourselves and our families.


    • You’re right, it’s not. But just like taking the time to cook food or do exercise or meditate, it’s well worth the effort. They say everyone should spend at least 20 minutes per day in nature, unless you’re busy, then you should spend an hour 😊


  2. Sweet Life of Sumi Singh

    When I’m motivated I’m like a dog with a bone. Nothing can get me away from it. I chew on it until I exhaust myself and it loses its flavour. That’s when demotivation sets in and I throw it down and stare at it as if questioning how I ever found it appetizing in the first place! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to convince my subconscious mind that my irrational thinking gets me know where, for I fall for the same scenario time and time again. Sadly we don’t spend any time trying to fix these thoughts, hoping we can overcome them somehow, but without any luck. Great post by the way:)


    • Great Metaphor 😊 I wonder what you could do to make that chewed bone more appealing? Could you mix it with new stuff, or maybe turn it into something new – like a soup? Maybe it needs burying for a while so that you can dig it up later. Maybe you need to add ‘flesh’ to the ‘bones’ of the idea….
      Thanks for contributing 😊

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  3. Great post. So timely as I fall behind in my blog 101 assignments! You really discribe the nonmotivated state well. I can feel my motivated/obsessed state and the metaphor that it is. Now I will try to create it for admin, the followup, the followthrough, the ‘ongoing maintenance’ tasks that I find oh so difficult to focus on and give time and attention to. Thanks for that great post!

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