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My Happy Jar

My Happy Jar

This is the latest post about my Happy Jar. It’s been a little while since I posted an update on this, but don’t worry there’s still plenty going in the jar 🙂

The Happy Jar is a way to look back and remember all the little things that make us happy.

The idea came from a nice story I once heard about a woman who had a jar. Every time she thought of something that made her happy, she would jot it down on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. Whenever she felt down, or fed up, she would go to her jar and find all the things that made her happy. Some things were big things, events that happened that she could look back on and smile, but most were little things that she could cherish and maybe even recreate to make her feel better.

So here are a few things from my Happy Jar this month.

A pink sunrise (yes I know, red sky in the morning – shepherds warning, but it’s still pretty)

Catching up with old friends at a house warming

Seeing friends happy – on a new journey, full of excitement and anticipation.

Fresh Blueberries in my porridge for breakfast.

A gift to myself being delivered.

The smell of freshly cut grass after it has rained.

Seeing my old dog act like a puppy when she finds a new walk.

Listening to an album I haven’t played in years (and still remembering the words).

Sprouting seeds.

Finding an old friend on social media.

Getting my nerd on with a friend.

Finding out that some amazing shoes I want actually come in my size (I’m 6ft tall and have size 9 feet)

Getting great feedback from a post

Getting caught in the rain and running for cover (then getting home and dry!)

Rediscovering a joy in drawing.

I know none of these things are amazing, there is nothing earth shattering about them, but all of them have made me smile and brought a least a little joy to my soul.

What will you put in your happy jar this month?


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Senses Working (Over Time)

Rapid Change Therapies

One of my favourite songs to kick off my new post!

In the previous blog I talked about how we are sensory creatures. To make sense of the world the brain takes in tons of information from our senses and interprets this info to let us know what is going on – this is often referred to as our map of the world.

However you will often hear coaches and trainers say “The map is not the territory” which can be a bit confusing but what we mean by this is that your map isn’t the same as my map or your neighbour’s map or the guy on the bus’ map. Our information is subtly being interpreted differently by each of our brains depending upon our ‘programming’.

Our programming is defined by our needs, wants, values, beliefs, learned behaviours which we have subsumed from birth through our family, society …

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Deadbeat club

Hello June – I’ve missed you.

I like June – It’s warm, it’s relaxed, it reminds me of this song….

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