Come sit down beside me

I just read a beautiful little poem – here it is for you.

Come sit down beside me, I said to myself.
And although it doesn’t make sense,
I held my own hand as a small sign of trust
And together I sat on the fence.

Michael Leunig

Sometime when we feel lonely or that we don’t quite fit in, we need to remember that we can sit beside ourselves and offer some comfort.

If you are religious, maybe you feel that your God is sitting beside you.

If you believe in an after life maybe it’s a lost relative or friend.

If you would rather believe in the universal energy, maybe that’s what will hold your hand.

Me, I’ll sit on the fence with me and make faces at everyone.

If you fancy it, come and join me 🙂


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7 responses to “Come sit down beside me

  1. Re

    Wow! What an idea! I will copy you now. 😉 Happy Sunday and lovely and inspiring week ahead.


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  3. I’ve found solitude to be a blessing pretty much these last 15 years. It’s only the last year and a half that I’m getting the hang of ‘holding my hand’ in quiet & meditation. Thanks for posting this! –roc,sj


  4. I’d just end up laughing at myself, which to some seems a little perturbed


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