Time to make some mistakes

I’ve learned some of the most important lessons in life from my mistakes.

Maybe I should make some more!

When I was young and used to do exams, I would often do practice papers.

Funnily enough it was the questions I got wrong and had to go and find out the answer to that ended up sticking in my brain the most.

The same sort of thing seems to happen in life.

If you’re willing to try, you will make mistakes, and that’s OK.

If you’re clever you’ll learn from them, and that’s better.


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7 responses to “Time to make some mistakes

  1. One of my early employers said to me, you are so young so of course you will make mistakes sometimes. But, please try not to do the same mistake twice. I promise you it made a big difference to me. 😊

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    • When I was a manager I used to tell my team ‘there is nothing you can stuff up so badly that I can’t undo it – please just tell me!’ – I mostly knew how to fix problems because I’d made the same mistake myself at some point in time πŸ™‚

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  2. Right on! I learned from skiing that if you aren’t falling down, you aren’t pushing yourself beyond your capabilities. And if you aren’t pushing yourself, you won’t get better.


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  4. Plenty of mistakes here to choose from… πŸ™‚


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