A little touch of Magic

Hypnotherapy Coventry Magic

I spent an amazing day on the Harry Potter studio tour yesterday.

There were some kids there but to be honest it was mostly adults, and I got to thinking about why there were so many people all queuing up to see a little bit of Hogwarts.

I believe it was because we all need a little bit of magic in our lives.

We seek it in books.

We seek it in movies.

We seek in in religion.

We seek it in life.

We all want to believe in something ‘magical’.

As a hypnotist I see magical transformations in people every day, but I’d still give anything to have a wand that worked!

Hope you find a little bit of Magic today.




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8 responses to “A little touch of Magic

  1. You too. I liked that attraction because it brought the written word to life. My wand is the Holy Spirit.

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  2. Everyone needs a little bit of magic in their day.

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  4. FanTC

    It’s the awareness that there is more than this provincial life.

    I write fantasy. I read fantasy. I sometimes imagine as many as five fantastical things before breakfast. So I understand the desire for magic. I think some people become adults, but then there are those who grow up, and that’s saddening.


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