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The importance of little things

Big stuff is great.

I love big stuff.

Life changing events, once in a life time trips, new chapters, crossroads in your life – all that sort of thing.

They’re mind blowing and you know about them.

But, the little stuff is the everyday things that get you through.

If you think about the big stuff as the house. It’s big and impressive and everyone can see it.

The little stuff is maybe the plumbing and the electricity. You don’t HAVE to have it, but it makes life more comfortable, more enjoyable, more liveable.

I think I may have mentioned (once or twice) it was my birthday last week.

I had a lovely time.

I visited a friend today and she gave me a card that I loved. Firstly I loved it because it’s always nice to get a card, secondly I loved it because she has great taste, but mostly I loved it because her little boy had drawn a picture for me on the inside cover.

Little things are awesome.

Notice the little things, because one day you might find that they were the big things.

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