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Extraterrestrial Culture Day

Today is Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

Now I’m definitely not saying there is no such thing as aliens, but when I saw this it reminded me of a lovely phrase…

Don’t open your mind too much, your brain might fall out.

I think the important part of that sentence is the ‘too much’.

It’s important to keep an open mind – that’s how we learn things.

It’s also important to question what you are told – that’s how we don’t make idiots of ourselves, or become pawns in someone else’s games.

Be sceptical – sceptical is good – it asks for evidence.

Don’t be cynical – cynical is bad – it means you dismiss ideas just because you don’t like them.

So keep interested, keep open minded, look for proof and ask lots and lots of questions.

Happy ET culture day


The Truth is out there!


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