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Colour impact


Millions of pounds of research goes into what colours you see.

Manufacturers and merchandisers choose colours that have the biggest impacts.

Red and yellow are supposed to make us feel hungry


Blue makes us feel trust and is often associated with technology


green with makes us think of nature


etc etc.

So, here’s how you make colours work for you….

Think of how you want to feel….

Now think of a place that makes you feel that way…..

Now think of a colour you associate with it……

Keep something that is that colour with you – ideally somewhere where you will regularly see it – a watch, nail varnish or a pen that you use can be easy ways of having a colour around you. You may not consciously think of how it makes you feel each time you see it, but your subconscious will get a little dose of whatever emotion you associate with that colour every time.

Think about how you want to feel, and make it happen 🙂

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