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Are you a good friend?


Some of us have a few friends, some have lots, but how good a friend are you?

When you think about what you want from a friend, there are some things that tend to be there for everyone.

Are you reliable?

Do you do what you say you are going to do, even if you don’t really want to do it any more? Helping friends, turning up for parties/nights out, being there for decorating/moving?

Are you responsive?

Do you offer help or wait to be asked? Do you just jump right in and help out without asking? Do you notice when your friends aren’t themselves and ask them why and support them? Do you listen – really listen and respond to your friends emotional needs?

Are you trustworthy?

Do you keep a confidence? If a friend tells you a secret, does it stop with you?

Are you honest?

If a friend asks you an uncomfortable question, do you give the safe polite answer, or do you find a way to be honest with them? Anything from what you think of their partner to does their bum look big in this?

Do your friends know how you feel about them?

Are you committed?

Do your friends know that you are committed to your friendship and how much you value it?

Do you want the best for them?

Are you looking out for them or for you? When you want the best for them, that could mean something that doesn’t mean the best for you? Is that OK?

If you want to have good friends in your life, the best way I know of is to be a good friend.

Sometimes it can seem like a lot of work, and at times it can feel a bit one-sided, but when you need them, friends can be a real life saver.

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