Lettuce – Rabbit food? Gorilla food!


Some people refer to lettuce as rabbit food, and that belittles it’s amazing value as a low fat, low calorie sources of vitamins and minerals that are essential parts of out diet. When people think of veggies in general they have a tendency to think of small cute animals eating them, but change your frame of reference – gorillas are vegetarian and you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of one! There’s an old joke – what does a 400lb Gorilla eat at the salad bar? …. Anything he wants 🙂

Some things to remember about lettuce

1. It’s Low in Calories and has almost Zero Fat.

That makes it a great filler in a meal – whether you use it to bulk up a sandwich or to fill a plate of chicken or fish, it can help to give you a satisfying meal experience without overloading you with calories.

2. It helps Weight Loss

Lettuce contains fiber and cellulose. Besides filling you up, fibre improves your digestion.

3. Heart Healthy

Lettuce’s vitamin C and beta-carotene work together to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. This prevents the build up of plaque.

4. Omega-3 Fatty acids.

Romaine lettuce has a two to one ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. That’s a great ratio.
The fat content in lettuce is not significant UNLESS you eat a lot–but we actually suggest you do!

5. Complete Protein

Romaine lettuce’s calories are 20 percent protein. Like all whole foods, much of this protein is complete, but the amount can be increased by combining with balancing proteins.

6. Helps with Insomnia

The white fluid that you see when you break or cut lettuce leaves is called lactucarium.

This has relaxing and sleep inducing properties similar to opium but without the strong side effects. Simply eat a few leaves or drink some lettuce juice.

7. Lettuce is alkaline forming

The minerals in lettuce help remove toxins and keep your acid/alkaline balance in order. Once you are balanced on this level there are a host of benefits including greater energy, clearer thinking, deep restful sleep, and youthful skin.

8. Low Glycemic Index

Lettuce has an average glycemic index of 15, but because it has so few calories, its glycemic load is considered zero. Foods with low glycemic indexes are great for anyone watching their blood sugars for medical reasons, or for weight management.

9. Whole Life Food

Lettuce is almost always eaten raw, providing us with many micronutrients not found in cooked or processed food. Eating raw food also adds vital energies not recognized by nutritional science.

10. Lettuce Tastes Great.

Even though lettuce is very low in calories, many varieties still have a sweet taste. To maximize benefits from your food you should really WANT to eat it with your whole body–not just your mind saying it is good for you. If you like the bitter taste you can find more bitter lettuce options, too!


So, if you’ve had a downer on salad, change the way you think about lettuce and boost your diet in a positive way.
If you need a hand to change your food habits, it’s worth giving Hypnotherapy a try. It’s an amazing way to have an easy and long lasting impact on your health.

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