90 day challenge


91 Days ago I set myself a little challenge.

I had started my blog almost a year before and had had posted once or twice a month. I had a few followers – Thank You – but to be honest it was going nowhere fast.

Part of the reason I started the blog was to increase the presence of my Website on the net (it was appearing at about page 9 on Google, or in other words, it was invisible), but the main reason was to share thought and ideas that came up through my Hypnotherapy Practice in Coventry, UK.

When I first started I found it easy to think of things to write about, but after a few weeks I started to struggle with subjects. I created a little plan of posts that I would write and when I sat down to make it I quickly realised that picking topics that I could write about for a week, or every Monday, made it much easier to do. I also found that I would think of things to write about, but when I sat down to blog, I forgot all of the plans I had made and would sit there scratching my head, so I started jotting the ideas down as I had them. Some of these turned out to be my favourite posts.

A lot of inspiration came from other bloggers. Following other people with similar feelings and thoughts gave me a great jump off point for my posts, and by linking to them I found a few new followers and occasionally got a reblog from them which gave me a much bigger audience.

Part of the fun is getting likes, comments, reblogs and followers. It’s great. I really enjoy getting that sort of feedback. It’s like getting a gold star from teacher every day – what’s not to love?

Most of the fun is sharing. I love knowing that I have made someone smile, or given them a bit of help that can make a difference to them. With sharing, with helping, comes personal gains. One of my original goals was to increase the profile of my website – it’s now on page 2 of Google – there’s still work to do, but it’s doing a lot better than it was, but more importantly than that, I feel that what I write is valued and that’s awesome.

When I was struggling to think of things to write, when I was feeling like it was hard work to post and on days when I didn’t really feel like sitting down and writing anything, I thought that the day my 90 days was up I would have a break. Well, as I said at the start, this is day 91, and here I am, writing away.

I have created a habit which I now really enjoy.

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to the 500+ people who have decided to follow this little blog in the last 90 days and to let you know how much I value your likes, blogs, follows and comments.


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10 responses to “90 day challenge

  1. I love how honest you are. I started blogging 3 months ago and have found a world exactly as you describe – people who inspire me, and a hobby that fulfills me. And congrats for all the achievements you’ve reached! Even making a goal where you’re the only person pushing yourself to achieve it can be hard to complete, but you’ve reaped the rewards too!


  2. Well done on blog 91! I too am writing for the same reasons as you so appreciate your candour, It gives me the impetus to carry on. Carry on the good blogging 🙂


  3. That’s a great achievement, congrats. I think every new blogger should read this post. At the start you don’t really even understand the meaning of followers, likes and comments. But soon you realise it’s the most fun and rewarding part of blogging! 🙂 Well done!


  4. Congratulations. I think the whole thing comes down to sitting down and writing. A couple of times I’ve managed to work out my opinions on a topic by writing about it.

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  5. That’s great! Wonderful achievement. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog and the experience in general. Also, thanks for suggesting that I try reading some poetry. I’ve been doing that regularly now and find that I actually like it. Maybe I’ll even get around to indoor sky diving because of you too.


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