Something New – Indoor Skydiving!


I’m not the sort of person who wants to jump out of a plane (well not if it can land safely anyway)

I don’t do bungee jumps and I have no desire to fling myself off a building, but I do quite fancy feeling what it would be like to be freefalling.

So today, I’ve booked to do an indoor skydive.

All of the fun, none of the abject terror.

I’ve booked it for a couple of weeks time, and I’ll let you know how it goes when I’ve done it (maybe even post a video if it’s not too mortifying) but just booking it got me to thinking about how important it is to try new things.

Yes, I’m taking a safe option rather than doing the real skydiving experience, but it’s something new. I’ll be going to a new place, meeting new people, learning a new skill and experiencing a new sensation. All of this is important to keeping my brain working at it’s best – forming new pathways and firing off adrenaline centres. Who knows, I might even love it so much I want to take the next step and do the plane thing (I doubt it, but you never know).

The weekend is a great time to do new things, but also to plan them, which is all part of the fun.

What do you fancy trying that will broaden your experience?

When are you going to do something about it?

Have a great weekend x



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15 responses to “Something New – Indoor Skydiving!

  1. tenderlytina

    I agree, trying new things, continuing to learn, challenging oneself are all part of staying alive. I’m greedy for life, just surviving is never enough for me. I want to actually live the moments I have.
    I’m always trying something new. This month it’s taking on the role of C.O.O of an up and coming company, and a first time trip to Paris.

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    • How cool! Paris is lovely – there’s so much to see and do – you’re bound to want to go back 🙂

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      • tenderlytina

        I don’t get a say so just yet. My kids are taking me places. This time Paris with two of my daughters, then Italy with one of my sons, then Japan with two more of my daughters. They’re spoiling me with travel. One of those times when having a bunch of kids really comes in handy. 🙂

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  2. I did climbing in a fun-forest 2 weeks ago. Cool!! Next monday I will start a course on discovering my voice and today I will try doing my admin without disliking it and without thinking that I cannot do it – while I have actually done it about 20 times already so…. Well, this is new! 🙂

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  3. That looks and sounds fun and yes, it’s a safe option! 🙂 I’d definitely try that… I’ve always wanted to try skydiving but I wonder if I ever really encourage myself to do that.


  4. I did not know that was an option. I’m adding it to my list.

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  5. Oh Yes! Enjoy … Another thing to ad to my bucketlist 🙂


  6. We have iFLY ( here in Austin, Texas. They created indoor skydiving in 1998, and now have 27 locations around the world.

    I think it’s called Airkix in England (Basingstoke, Manchester, and Milton Keynes), and might use SkyVenture in Australia (Penrith, NSW). I notice you have SkyDive Ireland there, but I don’t know if that’s affiliated or not.

    I have not tried it yet, but my brother and his kids did it recently and they really enjoyed the experience. My 9-year old granddaughter did it too when she attended one of her friend’s birthday parties there.


  7. It is great to see that so many people are enjoying indoor skydiving! Such a great thing to do as an individual or with family/friends. With skydiving (indoor or outdoor) the hardest part about the first time is just booking the flight 😉


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