Thank Goodness it’s Monday!


At last, It’s Monday!

You remember all those things you said you’d start on Monday – well It’s here!

Time to start!

Did you say you’d get fitter ? – go for a walk, run, skip or swim

Did you say you’d get healthier ? – eat something green, throw away your cigarettes, chuck out the booze

Did you say you’d start your diet ? – bin the sweets, lose the crisps, get rid of the cake

Did you say you’d get organised ? – clean out the cupboard, sort through the paperwork, tidy your office

Did you say you’d get in touch with people ? – pick up the phone, write the email, send a card

Did you sat you’d make time to relax ? – Light a candle, switch off the computer, listen to some music

Did you say you’d cook your own meals ? – Get your ingredients together, find a recipe and sharpen the knife.

Be excited – today is the day you were waiting for!

Have a great Monday x


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3 responses to “Thank Goodness it’s Monday!

  1. Looks like I better get busy. Actually, I have become fitter and healthier over the past several years and feel great. And I’m even better at being organized and “getting things done”, but there’s still more work there. Blogging is helping with more people connections and interactions. I listen to lots of music, which can be very relaxing, and I love sharing it with my readers. I’ve been wanting to cook more and have even been gathering recipes, but I need to just get started. Also, I planned to share some of that on my blog anyway. Here’s to Mondays (and the other days too).

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  2. I love it! A great perspective shift.


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