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Summer’s gone for another year


I’ve been reading a lot of poems about Autumn recently. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year and yet also a little melancholy as things seem to be dying back and ending. This poem sort of sums the mood up to me.

A Reminiscence


Held in a late season
At a shifting of worlds,
In the golden balance of autumn,
Out of love and reason
We made our peace;
Stood still in October
In the failing light and sought,
Each in the other, ease
And release from silence,
From the slow damnation
Of speech that is weak
And falls from silence.
In the October sun
By the green river we spoke,
Late in October, the leaves
Of the water maples had fallen.
But whatever we said
In the bright leaves was lost,
Quick as the leaf-fall,
Brittle and blood red.


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