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I am a big fan of affirmations. It’s like a really simple form of Self Hypnosis.

I often repost an affirmation that has inspired me like this one, but I have a big problem when I hear people use, what I like to call, naffirmations.

A naffirmation is like a dead man’s goal. That is a goal that you could achieve if you were dead. Things like ‘Today I won’t feel stressed’ or ‘I will not let things get to me’. If you were no longer alive then you would definitely not feel stressed or let anything get to you!

The problem with a naffirmation is that the brain isn’t very good at picking up on the word ‘won’t’ or ‘not’. Instead, it focuses on the words that describe the thing you are trying to avoid. In the above examples the brain is focussed on being stressed and letting things get to it – clearly not ideal.

Each morning it is a good idea to think about how you want to feel or what you want to achieve that day, and say it aloud to yourself. I know it can feel pretty weird at first, but it’s just a way of getting your brain into gear. The left and right sides of your brain don’t always connect brilliantly about idea’s, but by speaking it out loud you are connecting the creative, imaginative right side of your brain with the language and logical left hand side. So now both halves of your brain are working on the same thing. If you really want to get it fired up, write down your goal and draw a picture that represents it for you – now you’re really firing on all cylinders!

Whatever you are looking to achieve – go for it. Even a small step forward will get you there faster than no steps at all.

Have a great day


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