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Beware the Jabberwock

I like to post about a poem on Sundays.

A poem that I’ve grown up with or one that has made me think in the last week or two. This is both.

The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carol is beautiful nonsense.

It has fantastical words and seems to have a meaning that is just out of grasp. You know what it means, but you can’t pin it down.

Those of you that follow this blog will know that I have a fascination with hypnosis. The Jabberwocky utilises one of the ways that we can put people into trance. It’s known as a confusional induction. Basically the conscious mind becomes so confused by what is being said, or what it is being asked to do, that it seems to just drift off and leave the subconscious to work out the meaning. Maybe that’s why so many people have found this poem to be so fascinating over the years.

This poem uses another couple of hypnotic tricks.

Firstly, like all poems it heavily relies on the imagination of the reader to conjure the images it’s creating. Imagination is the engine of hypnosis, and the chances are, if you enjoy poetry, you will make a pretty good hypnotic subject.

Secondly it uses rhythm and emphasis. If you listen to a recording of a hypnotist putting someone into trance they will have a certain quality to their voice that you tend not to find in every day speech. Part of this is tone, part rhythm. You also hear this with certain preachers and public speakers.

So, as Lewis Carol said – Beware the Jabberwock – but also beware those who may be altering your perception of reality…


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