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Don’t sweat the small stuff

small stuff

I read a great post yesterday on Second & NE about taking time out and not getting too caught up in everyday stresses.

It reminded me of the fact that we can all get lost so easily in our ‘normal lives’ that we forget to take even the smallest of times to refocus on ourselves and clear our minds.

Sometimes clients will say to me – I haven’t got time for that.

The standard answer is – If that’s the case you, can’t afford not too.

You see, the more stressed and busy we become, the more important it is that we give ourselves time to recharge.

Not only does this help us mentally and physically, but it also makes us better able to focus and be more productive when we have go back to doing our tasks.

The break you’re giving yourself doesn’t have to be a two week holiday in the Bahamas (though that does sound quite nice), it can just be taking a few minutes to relax or even a few seconds to really breathe and centre yourself. Using a form of meditation, mindfulness or self hypnosis will deepen the benefits of this, so use them whenever you need to.

Working on relaxation is just as important to most people as going to the gym should be – your body and mind work together. If you want to stay healthy it’s important to look after all aspects of yourself.

Wishing you a relaxing stress free Thursday



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Daily Affirmation Thursday 25 September

Coventry Hypnosis

Coventry Hypnosis

Coventry Hypnosis

Today I will see solutions instead of problems

Some days it’s all to easy to see everything as a problem.

Make today different. When you are confronted with something, look for the solution.

Try to see each new challenge as an opportunity to try things a different way –

Maybe you need to get someone else’s input on it?

Maybe you need to find a new approach?

Maybe it’s not something you have to worry about at all?

I was once told that how big a problem is depends on the mood you’re in. Imagine that you have double booked an appointment. If you are in bad mood this could be the straw that breaks the camels back and leaves you in a foul mood all day, because you keep thinking of it and how nothing seems to work out the way you want it to.

Now imagine…

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