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Sunday Words

I’ve always had a bit of a thing going with words.

I like them. I like writing them, I like reading them, I like playing with them.

Maybe that’s what got me into Hypnosis..

I know that one of the things that got me into words was poetry. In particular a dog eared (yes, I see the irony), battered copy of Old Possums book of practical cats. I fell in love with that book, and during a spell of illness as a child, I learned many of the poems by heart.

Years later the Musical CATS was created and my Aunt took me to see it. I was still young enough to be absolutely enthralled with the magic they had created. Recently Cats has returned, and I frequently see posts on Facebook from friends excited to be going to see it. It has made me quite nostalgic for that first battered copy of poetry and reminded me of the joy I felt when reading those elegant prose as a child.

My very favourite was always Macavity, mostly because of this verse..

Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity,
He's broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity.
His powers of levitation would make a fakir stare,
And when you reach the scene of crime--Macavity's not there!
You may seek him in the basement, you may look up in the air--
But I tell you once and once again, Macavity's not there!

┬áIf you’re not familiar with these poems, I strongly urge you to give them a try, and if you have a shy, awkward kid in the family, who’s feeling a bit out of sorts at the moment, you could do a lot worse than finding them a slightly worn out copy to look through….


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