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Molehills vs Mountains

I’m sure you have heard the phrase ‘Don’t turn a molehill into a mountain’

meaning: don’t make your problems bigger than they are.

But which is more dangerous?

The thing about mountains is they’re huge. You can see them from miles away…

Molehills, on the other hand, can often trip you up because you don’t notice they’re there until you’ve twisted your ankle.

Nobody climbs a mountain by accident.

Molehills seem to just be there at the wrong moment.

People plan for mountains.

I’ve never heard of an expedition up a molehill.

When you climb a mountain you tend to have support – people around you.

When you find a molehill, you don’t get a team together.

People see mountains as a challenge.

People see molehills as a problem.

People travel across the world to see mount Fuji, Kilimanjaro or Everest.

Molehills are on nobody’s bucket list.

So maybe we’re getting it wrong. Maybe we should turn our molehills into mountains because that way we see our problems as challenges, things to achieve. Instead of trying to tackle them on our own, we plan for them, get a support team around us, prepare for them and most importantly of all, we don’t let them trip us up.

Another thing about mountains – they have a great view from the top 🙂

Have a great week

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