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ALS Ice bucket challenge

You’re probably aware of the Ice Bucket Challenge – it’s where people are nominated to tip a bucket of ice water over themselves. They then have to give a donation to ALS research and if they fail to do the challenge then they have to give a larger donation. They also then publicly nominate other people to take the challenge. There are literally dozens of videos circulating on social media sites and if you’re lucky you can watch your favourite (or least favourite) celebrity pouring ice water over themselves.

As with anything like this there have been lots of people attacking the idea – they point out that celebrities are covering themselves in ice water in order to give less to charity. They talk about the waste of clean water, they point out that it’s a publicity stunt, they get upset that people are having fun with this…but in my humble opinion, they are grasping on to the wrong end of the stick.

ALS charities have had a massive spike in donations. Millions of extra dollars that they wouldn’t otherwise have received. To date $41,000,000!

How great is that!!

People are having fun and raising money for charity.

How great is that?

ALS awareness has increased – maybe someone somewhere will have a better day because of greater understanding about their illness.

How great is that?

I got to see Tom Hiddleston looking like this….

tom hiddleston

How great is that?

So take from this what you will. You can be happy about increased giving to charity, increased awareness and people having some fun or if you want, you can be angry that it’s some kind of stunt – me, I choose happy.

Have a great day, whatever you decide.

I’m going to donate as my Friday random act of Kindness and if you feel like giving to support ALS too, here is the link to Donate.

For a more personal defence of the ALS Ice bucket challenge you might want to check out this Blog


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