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Random Acts of Kindness Friday

It’s Friday- time to spread some Joy people!

good deed sue

This week has had some sad days. As a world we lost 2 amazing people, Robin Williams and Lauren Becall.  We watched in horror as people were persecuted and killed for religious beliefs and territory. We saw death tolls rise in Gaza, Israel, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine as well as in our own countries and neighbourhoods. Some of us will have suffered personal tragedies.

This can’t be all that colours our week, or it would be grey and sad indeed.

We live in a multifaceted world. In can bring Horror and it can bring Joy. In a week with so much to be sad about, what can we do?

We find some joy, and if we can’t find any – we create some.

Here’s one of my favourite good news stories of the week

Three Girls Recreate Viral Photo After Each One Beats Cancer

Friday is also Random Act of Kindness Day, so I’m off to the shops. There’s a homeless guy who hangs out on a street not far from where I’m going – I think he might like some cake 🙂

Please feel free to share Random Acts of Kindness or any good news stories you know of this week, personal or that you’ve heard about, as we all need a bit of colour in a grey world.

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