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Na-Nu Na-Nu

It’s a sad day today. We lost one of the great comedians of a generation.

Robin Williams has always been a larger than life character who brightened up my world. When I was a kid I would sit upside down on the sofa just like Mork did.


Mork _ Mindy, Robin Williams _ MORK (ROBIN WILLIAMork was amazing. He was an alien, but saw humanity with the kindest eyes. Pointed out it’s foibles and flaws, but did it with love. Robin always seemed to carry that ability and insight through in the roles he played. Yes, he was funny, often a little strange, but always caring and compassionate. The parts he played varied dramatically, from Vietnam DJ’s to Doctors, Peter Pan to Therapists, Genie of the Lamp to Teacher, but they all had the same quality.

At this moment in time it’s believed that Robin took his own life due to depression. That makes me sad. Depression has affected me as well as people I love and I know what a cruel dark place the world can seem when you are under it’s cloud. I know that it can feel like you would be doing everyone a favour if you just weren’t there any more.

Depression is a Liar. 

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, please get help. Mind is a good place to start. They can give help and advice and have a great website that can lead you to answers.

If you are feeling suicidal, call someone. Please don’t suffer alone. If you don’t feel like there is anyone to call, you’re wrong. In the UK we have the Samaritans and there are similar organisations all over the world. Talking it through really can help.

I’m Sad that Robin is gone, but that’s not the same as being depressed. When you’re Sad, there’s usually a cause that you can point to. When you’re Depressed, there often isn’t. When you’re Sad, you can often do things to cheer yourself up, take your mind off it. When you’re Depressed, that’s much harder.

Depression is an Illness.

If you or someone you love is Depressed, get help. It’s a horrible place to be, and you can’t just snap out of it, but there are things you can do. Talking Therapies help, Medication can help, support groups can help, facing the problem will help, ignoring it won’t. Speak to a doctor, get the help you need.

So, here’s to you, ‘Captain my Captain’. I’m sad you’re gone, but ‘It’s not your fault’. You’re ‘Out of here’ and off to ‘an awfully big adventure’. Safe Journey.





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