A new week begins

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It’s Monday! 

The week is ripe with possibilities. We have 7 new, shiny days to achieve new goals, try new things, see new places, learn new skills, find new loves, hear new music, taste new foods, read new books (or Blogs for that matter), meet new people.

I always feel a bit sad for people who hate Mondays – it means they’re not happy with at least a seventh of their life – and that’s no fun. The chances are that if they hate Mondays, they’re not to excited about Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays either…apparently they do quite like Fridays though.

I think perspective makes a huge difference to how you feel about things. If your perspective is that all you have to look forward to is the drudgery of a work week with no end in sight until the weekend, then I can’t say that I blame you for not feeling the ‘Monday Love’. I’m lucky, I love what I do. My job is basically to help people feel better about things – what’s not to love about that! I have, however, had jobs I did not feel the same amount of love for. I’ve had jobs that I didn’t want to do, and even with those jobs, I still didn’t hate Mondays. My job has never been my life. Sure I have to sell my time in order to pay the bills, but even if that’s for 10 or 12 hours a day, I still have time to do things that make me happy. Just because most of your time is taken up doing things that you have less choice about, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the time you do have doing things that don’t inspire you or bring you joy.

This week think of at least one thing you would do if you had the week off work and do it anyway. Find the time in the morning or evening to do the thing that makes you happy, challenges you and helps you grow. Read, eat, drink, meditate, exercise, experience what ever it is that makes life worth living.

Have a great week.

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