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You’re a Star!

You are amazing! 

Yes, You.

You are made from atoms that formed stars.

You live on a giant, self sustaining, organic spaceship, flying through space at incredible speeds.

You are alive.

You have survived every obstacle that life has thrown at you – you literally have a 100% achievement record when it comes to getting through another day.

The water in your body once formed lakes that dinosaurs drank from.

You can change – just by deciding!

You can help make someone or something else’s life immeasurably better. Don’t believe me? Speak to a homeless person, volunteer at a hospital, adopt a cat or dog from a shelter.

You are not perfect, but then, neither is anyone else.

(and if you were that would be kind of annoying to the rest of us)


Be kind to yourself, forgive your flaws, encourage your efforts, show yourself a little love…

You deserve it.

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