Wishing your life away

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Do you ever think… ‘I wish things were different’?

I think most of us do at times. It would be a bit strange if we didn’t. Humanity has developed science and technology to help us to change things. The spirit of not being satisfied is what pushes us to new challenges, develop new idea, explore new lands, learn new skills.

The question I am posing today is ‘Do you get things to change by wishing for them to?’

I’m not sure that that’s the most effective way.

If I wished I lived in France, I could wish it and wish it and nothing would change. In order for me to make the move I want, I would be better off learning more of the language, looking for job opportunities, visiting different areas until I found one that worked for me, making it happen.

If I wish to be thin, I can wish on every falling star, every eyelash, every birthday candle, every wishbone until the end of time, but if I don’t change my eating habits and do some exercise, the weight isn’t going anywhere.

You get the idea.

Having said that I know that to a lot of people wishing is very important.

If you believe in Cosmic Ordering, that is effectively wishing something to the universe. I know that people swear by it and can give examples of how this has worked for them. I would argue that by keeping their wish in their thoughts, they are more open to looking for opportunities to make things happen. I don’t believe in Luck, but I do believe that some people appear to be luckier than others – I put this down to the same effect – some people are just more open to opportunities. The ‘Lucky’ person you know who is always winning things probably enters a lot more competitions than the person who complains that ‘they never win’. As the old adage goes ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’

Some people would sayer prayer is a form of wishing, though others would describe it as asking a benevolent God for support or help. How you perceive this is entirely up to your belief system and not for me to comment on.

What ever you believe – in Wishing, in Luck, in Cosmic Ordering, in Prayer, I would suggest you get the best results when you DO something about it. So if you wish for something, plan for it, take action and MAKE it happen!

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