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Fear and Loathing in Coventry (or anywhere else for that matter)

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A lot of people have Phobias. I mean, A LOT. I would go as far as to say most people, in fact.

A phobia is an irrational fear. Some people thinks they haven’t got phobias because they think their fear is rational:

Of course I’m scared of spiders/snakes/jellyfish/wasps/bees etc – they can sting/bite me!

Of course I’m scared of heights – I could fall!

Of course I’m scared of Birds/rats/cats/dogs – they could be carrying a disease!

Of course I’m scared of Flying – we could crash!

Of course I’m scared of bridges – they could collapse!

but of course to those of us who aren’t scared, they seem pretty irrational.

It has been said that we are born with 2 fears, and 2 fears only – Loud noises and falling, but to be honest, I’m a bit dubious of that as I have seen babies that will only sleep in noisy environments and lots of tots love being ‘dropped’ or thrown around in play with their parents.

Everything else is a learned response.

It may be learned from our parents: Most kids have the same phobias as at least one of their parents.

It may from friends or from other social interaction (particularly school): If a pre school class is shown a large spider they tend to be fascinated, but if one kid gets scared or upset, it affects most of the others.

It may be from experience:something bad happens, usually we get hurt or given a fright and we are wary of it from then on. If the negative experience is repeated or if behaviour changes because of it, we are in phobia territory.

The great thing about this is, what can be learned, can be unlearned! There a various techniques to getting over a phobia varying from exposure to the thing you’re scared of to more subtle methods like hypnosis and NLP. So whether you want to get over your fears for yourself, ot just because you don’t want to pass them on to you children, go and do something about it.

You can be free of the fear. You can be more confident . You can have a happier life!

Go on…what are you scared of?

If you want help getting over a Phobia and you live in the Coventry area then you should check out my website  www.hypnotherapycoventry.org

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