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3 positive things

There is a bit of a trend on facebook at the moment – nominating people to publish 3 positive things each day for 5 days. On the whole I like it. It’s good to see people thinking about things in a positive way – it certainly beats them bemoaning their life and complaining about how hard they have it (which is frankly annoying when there are people struggling to find clean water or finding a way to survive in a war zone).

I do however have a slight issue with it – most of the posts are people talking about things that they have done, or got that day – I had a great day at the beach with the kids, my husband bought me flowers, I did yoga today, we got a new car….you get the drift. It’s too easy to be positive about good things and besides, it feels a bit too much like showing off.

So here’s my challenge to you.

Each time something annoys you or gets you down a bit, try and find at least one positive thing about it.

For example

Annoying – ‘that box set of books I bought carries on after the last in the set and I’m going to have to wait for the author to publish a new book before I find out what’s going to happen’

Positive-‘I get to read even more about those characters that I’ve come to like and I’ll be really excited and happy when I get my hands on the next instalment’


Annoying -‘it’s raining’

Positive -‘I won’t have to water the plants and the lawn will look better after a good soak’

or even

Upsetting – ‘I’m really upset we had that row’

Positive – ‘Now I know how they feel about that and I can do something about it’

They say every cloud has a silver lining, so be a silver hunter and prosper even on the cloudiest days 🙂

Don’t forget, if you need a hand reframing your thoughts you can always see a professional. NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy are all useful tools to help you find the positives. All of this and more can be found at Talk Therapies http://www.talktherapies.co.uk and coming soon http://www.hypnotherapycoventry.org

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