Amazing Apples

Apples are ace – I’m talking about the fruit, not the computers.

I’m not saying they’re not ace, I’m just not talking about them here.

An average apple weighs about 242g (that’s over half your daily minimum fruit and veg intake right there) and has approx 126 cals. You might think ‘but I could have a pot fat free yoghurt or a biscuit for that amount of calories’ and you would be right, but they wouldn’t provide you with phyto nutrients and antioxidants that reduce your risk of cancer. They wouldn’t boost your immune system with a dose of vitamin C or support your body and help combat PMS with a range of vitamin B’s. They wouldn’t reduce your risk of colon cancer by being rich in dietry fibre which not only keeps your gut healthy but also reduces your LDL cholesterol keeping your heart healthier.

Flies fed on apples lived 10% longer than their apple deprived brothers and sisters. In tests, rats fed on a diet rich in apples, were shown to increase muscle and reduce obesity. They even showed an increase in acetylcholine production ( a neuro transmitter) which led to a reduction in cognitive decline.

They are cheap, easily available, last for ages in the fridge and take no preparation apart from a quick wash. You don’t even need to peel them, because their skin is good for you!

So do yourself a favour – Eat an Apple.


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2 responses to “Amazing Apples

  1. Just don’t feed the apples to flies or rats, they live long enough!


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