Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease, sometimes known as PD or just as Parkinson’s is a neurological disease that has made itself at home in my family. My mother has it. Her Mother had it. My Brother has it. There are some thoughts that it may be genetically linked, but it could equally be environmental or lifestyle factors that have caused this cluster of cases.

Whatever the cause, it has made me look at the disease more closely, and as a hypnotist, made me think about ways that I can help sufferers cope with their symptoms, reduce the effects of these symptoms and generally improve their quality of life.

Parkinson’s is a slowly progressing degenerative disease that causes a loss of Dopamine producing brain cells. This lack of Dopamine causes the following symptoms

  • Tremor or trembling of the arms, jaw, legs and face
  • Stiffness or rigidity of the limbs and trunk
  • Slowness of movement (Bradykinesia)
  • Postural instability, impaired balance and poor coordination

As well as the motor symptoms listed above it can also lead to sleep disturbance, emotional changes and depression.

Parkinson’s affects about 1 in every 500 people and although it is most common in the over 50’s, about 1 in 20 sufferers are under the age of 40.

Current treatment of Parkinson’s involves anything from lifestyle change, drug combinations and in severe cases, surgery, but hypnosis is rarely recommended by doctors despite it’s ability to relieve many of the worst effects of the disease.

As a hypnotist my aim is to communicate with the subconscious part of the brain – the bit that you’re not really aware of. This is the part that helps to regulate and control your emotions and your hormones. By using hypnosis in the first instance I can help clients manage stress, feel better about themselves and gain control. Secondly I can help them with visualisations and techniques that have been shown to improve muscle control and stability. Hypnosis cannot cure Parkinson’s – to my knowledge nothing can at the present time – but it can make it easier to live with.

If you have Parkinson’s or know someone who has, consider speaking to a hypnotherapist who specialises in working with people who have this condition – and if you have any question please feel free to contact me either by leaving a comment, by emailing me directly at, messaging via facebook at

Good Luck with your journey. I hope you find Balance.

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