Adversity – friend or foe?

I am very lucky in the job that I have as a Hypnotherapist. As well as spending a lot of my time thinking about the subconscious mind, I also get to meet some amazing people.

Today was no exception. I met with a group of women who are all successful in business. One of them gave a talk on how they had come to be where they are. Without going into any details, one of the subjects that arose from her presentation was around adversity and how it shapes us.

Some people crumble when things get hard. They reach a barrier and they stop. This barrier could be real, imagined or perceived. It could be insurmountable, or it could just be an issue that needs working through. The problem these people have is that they don’t find out by challenging it.

Other people simply won’t take NO for an answer. When they reach a barrier, they tackle it.

There is an old joke in the armed forces about deciding where to put a new recruit. They test they new person by getting them to do an assault course. Part way down the course is a large brick wall. If the recruit goes over the wall, they join the Airforce. If they go under the wall they join the Army. If they go around the wall, they join the Navy, and if they go through the wall, they join the Royal Marines.

I make no judgement on which way is best to get to the other side – that’s a personal decision, but whichever way you choose, get around the wall!

This is a lesson learned early in life by some people, and our first reaction may be to think that it’s sad for them, to have faced adversity so young, but is this a lesson that serves them well in life? I think it is. By learning to get to the other side of whatever stands in our way, we learn to be unafraid to make decisions, we learn to achieve, we learn we can do anything as long as we are prepared to work long and hard and we learn to have faith in ourselves.

So, I simply ask the question, Adversity – friend or foe?

If you would like help getting to the other side of your personal wall maybe hypnotherapy can help.


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